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Thin Eden Cuff Bracelet by Color - Silver or Patina- Package (3) JB111 - Stackable Bead Cross Charm Bracelet - Package (3) Zia Burst Necklace - Patina - Package (3) Arrow Cuff Bracelet - Silver, Brass or Patina - Package (3)
Bling and Braided Leatherette Wrap - Brown, Turquoise & Black Extra Long Rosary Style Tassel - Turquoise or Natural - Package (3) Small Cross Cluster Earrings JB030 - Three Running Horses on Braided Cord Bracelet -  Package (3)
J051 - Rhinestone Horseshoe Earrings - Package (12) Bohemian TearDrop Earrings by Color - Silver or Patina - Package (3) Simple Drop Earrings by Color - Silver or Patina - Package (3) J029 - Cross Charm Cluster - Package (3)